* Update: The island of Green Turtle Cay suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Dorian. Like so many others, we are doing our best to assist in all possible ways. Although we do not endorse any one charity, we suggest you give to a nonprofit organization for the island whose mission speaks to you. *

Several years ago my husband and I sailed from our home in Annapolis, Maryland to Green Turtle Cay (GTC), a small island in the Abaco region of the northern Bahamas. The island is about three miles long and a 1/2 mile wide with a population of 500 in the busiest season.

On the island, we docked our boat at The Leeward Yacht Club which has a beautiful pool, brightly painted homes, old tennis court (with pickleball lines) and a lively tiki bar. It was there that another sailor asked me early one morning if I wanted to play pickleball.

As they say the rest is history, I became addicted to pickleball after just a few games. Funny enough, I assumed then it was a Bahamian sport but later learned it had been brought to the island by a retired fire chief from Seattle Washington.

After our return home to Annapolis and an extensive search for the perfect paddle, I decided to make my own. Today, Eastport Champion paddles are still made on our dining room table to ensure the high quality.

Now, when looking back at all the challenges that confronted me, I realize my passion and determination were inspired by the island and people of Green Turtle Cay.

I hope my Eastport Champion paddle will bring inspiration, power and comfort to those who play with it.

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